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Thanks Printers!

May 29, 2016

A huge thanks to everyone who popped down to the second edition of Ink Sweat & Tears this weekend, what a day! We couldn’t have done it without you all and it feels so inspiring to be around so many creative folk in the city. To all the cities vendors, artists, musicians, chefs, printers, we salute you! This city is alive and we feel privileged to hold such events to highlight you’re greatness.

Onwards – we can’t wait for the third edition coming up in September! Be sure to subscribe to our events and join our mailing list simply be sending an email to:

Interview Series: Elaine Stevenson

May 26, 2016

Elaine Stevenson is an architect living in Dubai who creates illustrations of places, cities, the occasional cow and anything else that inspires her to scribble. Using traditional techniques of drawings with pen and paper, she then uses digital software to add colour and patterns.

All of her wonderful work is produced as Giclee prints on fine art paper and as a result the colours and details really do pop out.

We caught up with Elaine ahead of her stall at this Friday’s Ink Sweat & Tears event to chat architecture, locations and colour. Don’t miss out and be sure to pick up one of her beautiful prints on the day.

1. We love the vibrancy of your work, how do you go about creating it? 
My drawings are simply done as pen drawings and then put into the computer to colour digitally. The ideas come from sketches and lots of photographs taken from a lot of wondering around the city. I have spent the last 2 months recording Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim areas, drawing the most interesting buildings and then compiling them into a map of the area.
2. Would you say that your architecture background feeds itself into your artwork? 
Makeplace comes from the question, ‘ What makes a place?’  My education in architecture, from which I learned the way to see buildings and the spaces around them and also to study the behaviour of people, is my infinite source of interest.  It’s not possible to switch off from designing though so drawing is a sort of visual therapy really to fix things, calm my design head and sort it on paper that which can’t be fixed in real life.
3. It’s great to see a lot of your work depicting areas of Dubai – how important is location and surroundings in your work? 
Yes, it’s everything to my work and the best reward is when other people see to their surroundings in a new light through my drawings and get pleasure from it.

4. I recall you telling us once that the architecture industry is very different now to what it was when you first started – has that affected what you do at all? 
Well, clients used to get plans, sections and elevations and a cardboard model if they are lucky, now with 3D software and visualisations they expect the building to be exactly like the super realistic images they looked at during the design stage. But just like seeing a celebrity without the airbrushing, buildings can be a let down once they are finished, especially if the budget couldn’t stretch to the high end finishes.
5. What will you be selling at Ink Sweat & Tears?
Fine Art Giclee prints of my work, available framed or unframed.

Elaine will be joined this Friday by a load of other talented artists, designers, DJs and vendors for our second edition of Ink Sweat & Tears!

More info here:

Interview Series: Ayang Cempaka

May 25, 2016

Ayang Cempaka is an Indonesian illustrator currently based in Dubai. Turning her childhood hobby of drawing into a range of well-crafted products, her vibrant and animated artwork caught our attention when we were planning the first edition of Ink Sweat & Tears back in January!

Influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian styles, Ayang creates illustrations that are characterized by their vintage feel, bright hues, and whimsical paint strokes. The themes run a wide gamut, from fruits and vegetables to quotes that are inspired by her daily life.

We caught up with the talented artist to discuss her inspirations, what she’s selling at our market this Friday and the sad fact that she’ll be leaving Dubai soon to head back to her native Indonesia.

1. Where does your love for paper goods come from?

For a couple of years I used to work with fabric, threads and leather, mix them and make bags. I got the material I needed and worked closely with my artisan in my hometown. When I moved to Dubai in early 2010, I needed to think what I could do here, even though I was still working with bags from afar. At that time, my drawing skill was at zero level. I knew I am always into product design, but not into drawing too much. I drew only for fun. I found joy in drawing, and found out that I work best with gouache. Honestly, I’m not a stationery person, really. But I do love packaging design and again, product design, hahaha. I choose paper because that is the best, easiest, cheapest media that can accommodate my new skill, drawing.
2. We love the vibrancy of your work, what’s the inspiration behind it?

I love children books, both vintage and new. I feel like I have two different personalities, one is me in real life that loves something simple, natural, organic, rustic, and monochrome and another me who love love loves vibrant colors, happiness, sweetness. When I draw, this personality takes over and unleashes my inner children side. Does it sound funny??
3. How would you describe your ideal environment to create your art?

I get bored so fast, seriously. I need a dynamic environment, I need to see different people, different view, different places.
4. We’ve heard that your leaving Dubai soon, a true loss for the city! Where will you go next and what are your plans with the brand?

Yes!! I am going back to Indonesia in 2 weeks! Initially for maternity break and I think I need some more time to reconnect and knowing myself again. I still want to do lots of things while I am in Indonesia. There are many things you are able to do there! And so many skilled artisans! I will run my studio again, we are planning to make leather bags again and sell them online, and I will be doing lots of experiments in making things, like jewellery, maybe. Or making something from wood, or making natural baskets, or making furniture? The possibility is endless.
5. What will you be selling at Ink Sweat & Tears?

Art prints, scarves, cards, wax and seal, bags!

Don’t miss Ayang and a whole load of other talented artists, designers, DJs and vendors this Friday for our second edition of Ink Sweat & Tears!

More info here:


Interview Series: Anthlgy

May 23, 2016

Anthlgy is a modern lifestyle brand that stands for the creative spirit of youth culture. The aim is to provide a connection and platform for people who share the same love of art, music, film and skateboarding and that’s procisely what makes us love what they are doing so much. Focusing their work on the idea of bringing creative people together, the brand often bridge the gap between the sports, art and music scenes and caters what the city really needs: a local kick in the ass.

They make skateboards made from 100% Canadian Maple, T-shirts designed for and by the cities best artists, hats, stickers; outdoors wear and everything in between. They are taking the UAE’s skateboard and sub-culture scene to the next level and we can’t wait to see their stall at our upcoming Ink Sweat & Tears event on the 27th of May. We caught up with founders Maysam Faraj and Ahmed AlMazrouei to find out a bit more about the brand. 

1. What’s the inspiration for Anthlgy?

Maysam- It was a long time coming. The skate scene started almost 19 years ago now and I’ve been a part of it from the very beginning. My friends and I were instrumental in pushing out here, going on skate trips to connect with other scenes around the region, making bi-monthly zines and skate videos. Slowly but surely we saw the suits come in and take over in the name of “passion”. Fuckin bullshit. It’s always been about the money.

Ahmed- the love of being different and not wearing the same stuff/designs like every other dude out there made me do it. To be honest without that meeting with Maysam and the complains we had about life and our day jobs few years back we wouldn’t have something cool like Anthlgy to be proud of, also the loved ones that believed in us helped us make it a reality.

 2. Has skate and street culture always been important to you?

Maysam: It started out as something that I found interesting, but over time, it became so much more than that. It became my world for so many years, saved me per say, but to this day, it’s a huge part of my life.

Ahmed: Grew up listening to hiphop and been a fan of street art since I was a kid, without the culture I wouldn’t even think of a project like Anthlgy.

3. We love all the collaborations you guys do, where does that idea come from and how do you choose who to work with?

Everything we do and anyone we work with, comes from a personal relationship or massive respect. Simple.

It wasn’t hard to work with any of them because we share the same love and passion for the culture.

4. What will you be selling at Ink Sweat & Tears?

Everything we got to give. Decks, headwear, tee’s, outerwear & a bunch of stickers. We also have a couple of new hats coming in at the moment and hope to have them on time. 

5. What’s in store for the future, you guys cooking up something big?

We’re working on getting the brand out there and in to the people’s hands right now. Building new relationships and tapping in to the old ones to see who’s keen to get involved from grass roots level. From that, more cool shit is bound to drop.

Don’t miss the boys representing this Friday at our Ink Sweat & Tears event where they will be showcasing and selling their awesome merch. More info here:


Ink Sweat & Tears 2 Lineup

May 19, 2016

Next Friday we’ll be launching the second edition of our Ink Sweat & Tears event! It’s our community led event celebrating all things local, print, cultural and artistic and we can’t wait – the last one was total vibes!

Find the program below of what we have going on including an afortable arts market, live screen printing, live art installations, DJs and delicious food & beverage stalls to keep us going.
Afortable Arts Market with: 
〰️ Anthlgy –
〰️ May Ali –
〰️ Above Sandboards –
〰️ Satwa 3000 –
〰️ House Crann –
〰️ Elaine Stevenson –
〰️ Maryam A. Thani –
〰️ Jim Wheat –
〰️ Sarah Al Farhan –
〰️ Super Meeps –
〰️ T&T Curated Print & Art Shop featuring paper goods made by us, Craig Black and Tarek Sabbough

Live Art Instalation by: 
〰️ Paul Bruwer –

Live Screen Printing With: 
〰️ Toil & Tinker Print Team

〰️ DJ MoCity (The264Cru)
〰️ Rooman Latif (The Movement)

Food by: 
〰️ La Taqueria DXB
〰️ Cafe B
〰️ Seven Fortunes –

It’s going to be brilliant, see you guys soon!

Interview Series: Maryam Thani

May 18, 2016

On the 27th of May, we’ll be hosting our second edition of Ink Sweat & Tears; a celebration of all things print, art, culture and local and we’ve invited 10 local artists and designers to take part representing and selling their wonderful work. We’ll be interviewing these lovely people over here at our blog over the next week so do tune in!

Maryam Thani is an Emirati fresh graduate who lives in the ever changing city of Dubai. She designs, illustrates and tells stories through her creations. She has a strong passion towards veganism, which is why animals and nature play a role in her visual identity as well as her work in general. Maryam hopes to explore as many fields as possible and expand her practice, as well as elevate the illustration scene in the local community.

Toil & Tinker: We love the playfulness of your illustrations, what are the inspirations for creating your work?

Maryam Thani: A lot of my illustrations are inspired from my love for nature and animals, as well as my admiration of the child’s curiosity and mindset.

T&T: There’s a great child-like wonder to your art – is it intended for children or is it more about tapping into adults self of wonder?

MT: I don’t usually have a specific target audience in my work, unless I’m working for a children’s book for example, then it would be intended for children, as I like to keep my work open for interpretation.

T&T: What will you be selling at Ink Sweat & Tears 2?

MT:  I will be selling post cards, wrapping paper, notebooks, posters, stickers, and some tote bags!

T&T: Ideally, where would you love to have your work published?

MT:  I would love to have my work published everywhere! Whether it’s the children’s book industry, creative branding and so on.

T&T: Any future endeavours we should know about?

MT:  I will be working on getting a children’s book published in the near future.

T&T: We can’t wait!

Be sure to follow Maryam Thani on Instagram: @mimmmiz


Ink Sweat & Tears 2

May 17, 2016

After the success and major vibes of our launch event, Ink Sweat & Tears is back! Featuring as always – a marketspace for local printers, artists & designers, live screenprinting workshops, live art installations, the cities finest DJs and awesome food and drink stalls to keep us going. We can’t wait to see you all!
Head down:

Big Thanks!

April 17, 2016

We’d like to give a big thanks to everyone who came down to Dollarsandart’s new show at our studio last Friday! Months in the planning, it was great seeing the artist Jim Wheat’s creations come into print existance through Risograph, Screen Printing and Digital prints. We turned our studio inside out for the event with in-store installations galore and it was great to see what our space was capable of with some hard work! We’ll definetly be doing more in the future.

We planned for the day to be a community event with all our favourite people in the city coming together and we feel that we truly captured that! Here’s to many more exibitions and affortable art popping up in the city in the future.

Next up – we’re planning something BIG! Stay tuned.

Money Time & Cereal

April 7, 2016

Join us on the 15th of April from 11am – 7pm where the ever prolific Dollarsandart will launch his new exhibition ‘Money Time & Cereal’ at our studio. Featuring 12 Risograph, Screen Printed & Digital Prints all revolved around the cereals of the past.

Join us on this community event where there will be in-store installations, free cereal, food & drink stalls and good vibes aplenty.

Hope to see you there 💰

Riso Fox Print

March 28, 2016

Loving this Risograph print from T&Ts own Paul Green! We’ll be selling this foxy number at our shop soon. In the meantime, if you’d like to create your own Riso print, be sure to sign up to our Riso workshop this Saturday, we’re down to 2 spots left:

The Art of Wonderment

March 28, 2016

Love this old school video of fabric painting and printing from 1955 featuring loads of printing techniques we still geek out about today. A real labour of love; insightful and fascinating!

The T&T Notebook

March 28, 2016

Introducing the T&T Notebook now for sale at the studio and online store! These little nuggets of printed beauty are made with up-cycled printing mishaps from the studio making each book completely unique and perfect for putting pen to paper. The pages rage from empty to illustrations and printed rejects from our Risograph & Lino-Cut workshops; we’d like to think that the books embody our studio in MEGA notebook form!

The cover design is tripple printed with a gradient on a metalic pastel paper, with different hand drawn patterns on the inside covers making each book special and collectable in a kind of Pokemon get em all kind of way.

We hope you enjoy the books, a lot of love was put into them and we’re looking forward to creating lots more in-house printed goods in the near future! You can purchase a bundle of 3 for AED50 on our online store:


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